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Welcome to Woodland/Alloy Casting, Inc.


Leaders in Aluminum Castings, Come See For Yourself the "Woodland Difference"

Aluminum Casting

Woodland/Alloy Casting, Inc. has been supplying quality aluminum castings to a wide range of customers since 1986. Our customers represent Aviation, Electrical, Industrial, Marine, Medical and Defense Industries. In this family owned business, we strive for industry leading safety, quality and service to fulfill all of your aluminum casting needs.


Woodland/Alloy Casting specializes in green sand molding, air set molding and permanent mold to meet your needs, whether it is a few ounces or 2000 pounds, we have the engineering and equipment to deliver quality castings on time.


From raw castings to finished products, we have the capabilities and supply chain to meet all of your needs. We invite you to come visit our facility, meet our people and see for yourself the difference that makes us your preferred source of aluminum castings. 

Industries Served

Woodland/Alloy Casting proudly serves the following industries:


  • Aviation

  • Electrical

    • Power Generation & Distribution

    • Explosion Resistant Enclosers

  • Locomotive & Railroad

  • Marine

  • Nuclear Power

  • Industrial 

  • Defense

  • Medical

Woodland/Alloy Casting is full service provider with our established supply chain we offer the following services:


  • Pattern Making

  • Machining

  • Plating

  • Painting or Coatings

  • Impregnation

  • Hot Isostatic Processing 

  • Non-Destructive Testing

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